Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Deck House School; a second home...

About 6 months ago I came home. 

Allow me to explain.  Since 1989 I have had a relationship with The Deck House School, I have served in every capacity the school has, Housemaster, Board Member, Teacher, Assistant Headmaster, Headmaster and, most importantly, student. I joke that my relationship with this little school is the longest relationship I’ve had in my life!

Now before there is a huge uproar here, I need to clarify; I was never technically a student at the school.  I came here as a 22 year old Housemaster under the tutelage of the founder, Ned Hall, so I never knew the joys of being a 16 year old up here.  That being said, for all intents and purposes, I grew up on the hill, and this place educated me as much as any school I attended did.

I sat through Algebra classes with Art Garey, as my attempts at learning algebra on my own proved futile, I listened in on Arthur Dexter’s, and later Tom Blackford’s  history classes, always lending my highly provocative, yet never solicited, opinion. Often times Ned and I would spend hours discussing what exactly is the modern American tragedy; I always lost.

I spent countless hours cleaning kitchens with students and colleagues, I have split firewood until my arms ached, I’ve overseen literally hundreds of families and educational consultants tours conducted by students.  I have laughed here, and I have cried as well.

The point of all of this is to say that in many ways I received my education at Deck House.  Historically, the School has always done an amazing job of teaching lessons in the most unorthodox ways, and it still does.  We have taken many of the values Ned instilled into the hundreds of young men who have come through our doors, and have formalized them.  Our Life Skills program coupled with the Co-Curricular Program are two examples of how The Deck House School, more so that any school I have been to, or run for that matter, uses real life as both a formal and informal educational medium. 

There are hundreds of men out there, both young and old, who, like me, could think back on their time at The Deck House School and realize that the education they received here was a unique and special one.  One which makes them realize that Deck House really is, well, home.