Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Exciting Changes at The Deck House School

The Deck House School is excited to announce the hiring of Richard Balzano as full-time English and History teacher.

After receiving his BA in History from Syracuse University (Utica College) in 2003, Richard worked as an outdoor educator and treatment coordinator at a residential academy for at-risk teenage boys in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. His role there included facilitating adventure based climbing and mountaineering opportunities, daily physical education and providing transitionary assistance for students and families. Additionally, Richard has been a NAPPI trainer for Washington County Mental Health Services of Vermont, while running the agency’s housing coordination office. Most recently, Richard worked for the State of Maine doing casework for long term care and children’s Katie Beckett programs and held a special education role at Margaret Murphy Schools in Maine before finding the Deck House School.

In addition to his duties as a full time teacher, Richard will also work with the students in the community service, life skills and co-curricular programs,

“I’m ecstatic for the opportunity to join the Deck House School! The powerful western views of the Sheepscot River and the serene mountaintop location are sincerely inspiring. Taking in the views, and seeing photos on the walls of past experiences and the transformation of the school over 38 years, my first impression was that I was joining not just a school, but a legacy. I'm excited to work with our students and our program to create exceptional experiences in this beautiful part of Maine!”

Richard is a professional comedian, a surfer, a skier, and an accomplished climber and mountaineer.

Located in Edgecomb, The Deck House School is a small residential secondary school for boys who have struggled in the academic mainstream. Students and staff work together to create a community that builds positive relationships and encourages social, emotional, and academic growth.

For more information about the School, visit the school’s website or call Bar Clarke, Headmaster at 207.808.0060

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